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I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of two wonderful, little boys. In my life before kids I was a fifth grade teacher. I now work with first year teachers, which I love. Creating is one of the ways I stay sane. I become very cranky if I have not stamped or scrapped in a while. Join me on this creative journey.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

Hey there, I really thought I would get one more project done before we left for my Mom's but then SICKNESS struck. Saturday night I put Elias down about 7:00 by 8:00 he was up throwing up for the next couple of hours. I woke up in the middle of the night also throwing up. Picture this we are in the airport checking in and I had to turn around and throw up in a large trash can in the middle of the airport. I know lovely visual. So now we are at my Mom's but both Reid and my husband are sick. I am hoping it is just a 24 hour bug and everyone is well by Thanksgiving. I will post when we get back on Friday. Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for checking in.


Katy said...

Sorry to hear y'all are sick. It's our family tradition to get the stomach bug at either T-giving or Christmas. Not a tradition I recommend however! Sending healthy thoughts and prayers your wa.

Beedubya said...

Oh Sarah!!! I'm so sorry you guys are sick! I hope you're better by the time you read this. We just went through it not too long ago and I don't need to try and picture a visual...I remember it ALL to clearly...LOL! Good luck!