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I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of two wonderful, little boys. In my life before kids I was a fifth grade teacher. I now work with first year teachers, which I love. Creating is one of the ways I stay sane. I become very cranky if I have not stamped or scrapped in a while. Join me on this creative journey.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monogram Stationary

Happy Monday! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. I have so much to do between now and than.:) We are going to my Mom's in Massachusetts for the week, which I am excited about but I still have a lot to do. One of the things I wanted to get done before we went were some monogram stationary for holiday gifts. I knew for awhile I wanted to do monograms but I wasn't sure how. Then viola I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Lauren Meader, and she had a great post on monograms and I was off and running. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out that great, believe me there is an hour I will never get back. I just couldn't get good shots. I think you can tell for the most part what they look like. The box I got at Papertry, it holds up to 12 cards and envelops ( I feel like it is stuffed with 8 of each) I did figure out a trick when I was doing the envelopes, I wanted to put the matching designer paper on the envelope so I cut a template out of paper and traced it on the designer paper and cut it out. It didn't look good, I kept having to go back and fix them, so I had an epiphany. I put adhesive on the back of the envelope and adhered it to the designer paper and then I cut around the envelope and it was perfect. Now for those of you who are saying DUH! I was quite impressed with myself (it doesn't take much) Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy!


Beedubya said...

You're smarter than me, Sarah! I made a matching envie once and just about had a fit. Now I know. When you know, it's easy! LOL! Greta monogram gifts! You're getting really good!


Carmen said...

LOL Sarah I wouldn't have figured that out so definately going to have to remember that little tip. great Monogram cards ... love the pink and brown ones. I am a bit fond of those colors though!!

Julia said...

Great monogram set! I really love your envelopes!