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I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of two wonderful, little boys. In my life before kids I was a fifth grade teacher. I now work with first year teachers, which I love. Creating is one of the ways I stay sane. I become very cranky if I have not stamped or scrapped in a while. Join me on this creative journey.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I had such a good time last night. I had to share with you some treats that I received. First of all the Yankee Swap was really fun, my gift wrapping box got picked first and was stolen 4 times( if you have never done a Yankee Swap, everyone gets a number the first person chooses a gift and everyone after that can "steal" a gift from those picked before them. After the gift has been stolen 4 times it is safe with the last owner) I chose the above basket which was filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and peppermint sticks. The box and the jars are so incredibly cute. The person who made this gift is Joni and she is so talented. I was very happy with my choice :) I also wanted to share with you some of the favors on the table. They were made by Kim, Therese and Laura. I love the little mouse, I am thinking of making them with my after school group tomorrow. The angel is two scallop circles that are adhered to a peppermint patty. Yum! Enjoy and I will have more to share later.

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Carmen said...

Sounds like it was fun! Love the gift you got!! Those treat holders are super!