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I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of two wonderful, little boys. In my life before kids I was a fifth grade teacher. I now work with first year teachers, which I love. Creating is one of the ways I stay sane. I become very cranky if I have not stamped or scrapped in a while. Join me on this creative journey.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Clips and No More David Cassidy

Here's to hoping John is too busy at work to read my blog! I made these picture clips for him as a Hanukkah present. He is always complaining he doesn't have any recent pictures of the boys. I saw these clips on Angie's blog (check out schwoo!by stampinangie) and she had a link for a tutorial for them here at Kerry's papercrafting site. They were quite easy. I think I will be making a few more of these.

Every six weeks or so John and Reid get up very early and go get haircuts and have breakfast at McDonald's. This Saturday I got to join them on their boy adventure. It was time for my little guy to have his first haircut. He was beginning to look a little like David Cassidy. He was so good. I remember Reid's first haircut, it was like we were stabbing him with a knife. Elias just sat on my lap and smiled. I think as parents we must project our fears and those first born children sometimes get the crazy parent moments. :)

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Carmen said...

Very cute photo holders. They are always fun to make and easy too!! Your little one is adorable!