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I am Sarah, a stay at home mom of two wonderful, little boys. In my life before kids I was a fifth grade teacher. I now work with first year teachers, which I love. Creating is one of the ways I stay sane. I become very cranky if I have not stamped or scrapped in a while. Join me on this creative journey.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life Week Five

Another week in Project Life. I have to say that this week wasn't one of stellar photos. I am okay with that, they still capture our life. When your done here, be sure to head over to Jessica's blog to see more PL albums.
Reid has been wanting to walk home from the bus stop by himself for a while. We were kinda hesitant about it. It is a double edged sword, you want him to be independent and confident but at the same time safe. This was the first day we let him do it, and yes I was at the front door waiting.
Another Tuesday, which means game day for Elias and me. I think we played every game in the cupboard. He is fascinated with Yahtzee, he begs to play when Reid plays with one of us. You probably know it is not the easiest game to play, especially for a three year old. These are Elias's rules, you roll the die, you keep rolling until you are done, then you write down your score. Pretty cute, I must say.
That is my guy fast asleep on the chair. That's what happens when you wake up at 5:00 in the morning.
Pop-Pop loves to give the boys money before he leaves. You would think he was giving out candy, the way my boys attack him.
Friday is Shabbat. It is when we have a special family dinner (I think we had chicken nuggets on this night shhh don't tell anyone) we say the prayers, bless our children, sing some songs, eat challah and all in all just have a lovely dinner. It is even better in the morning when John makes challah french toast.

On Friday morning we had two hermit crabs, Tom and Jerry. Friday night John tells me that Tom is dead and Jerry has spread his body parts all over the cage. On Saturday we tell the kids and then head off to the pet store because John read that you should always have more than one hermit crab or they get lonely or something. Anyway, Reid picks out Patrick (he is the white one) We get home and John is cleaning out the cage and low and behold we see movement in Tom's shell. It turns out that hermit crabs molt and then hide in their shell. Who knew?Super Bowl Sunday! The Patriots weren't playing but we watch anyway. Pretty happy the Packers won.


Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

wow.... love how your album is coming along. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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Anne Marie said...

I think your photos are great! They really captured a week in your lives beautifully. I love that you are sharing your PL updates every week, too. I need to get back on track with mine. :)

Sara said...

Nice pics this week. Happy to hear that Tom pulled through! :)

rkmoore said...

Your pics are cracking me up! The boys gets cuter every week. How many moms did you make feel better by admitting that the centerpiece of your lovely dinner was chicken nuggets?! Thanks for keeping it real!