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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Life Week Eight

Welcome to Week Eight of Project Life. Life at the White House has definitely been crazy. I finally finished my class. Everything was put on the back burner while I was taking it. Now I can get back to crafting. I am on the countdown until Friday, only 4 more days in my thirties. :) Be sure to check out Jessica's blog for other PL albums.
Not the best photos but I wanted to show you that the insert I put in to add more photos.

Hella's - the best place to find a crab cake in MD, well maybe not the best but it does come close. They also have a crab dip that is pretty amazing.
Snow day! Here is the gang hanging out after a snowball fight. I got some good shots of them throwing snowballs at the adults.
Spy Kids 3 in 3D. Okay, I am going to admit something, you know how with the first born you swore they wouldn't watch tv until they were 5 and then only PBS and they would never drink juice. Yeah, I remember those days. Elias got the shaft (he probably doesn't think so)
Elais loves his Dad's Ipad. I am so glad John got one for work.(insert sarcasm)
Last of the wood for the year. So glad we bought a cord. Elias loves helping his Dad.
We were caught in the middle of getting Elias's belly.
My cutie boys playing Lego's. We had this day all planned out. Sunday School, food shopping, Mommy writes a paper. But no, nail in the tire wreaks havoc every time. The boys got to go with John to Sears to get a new tire, they even got lunch and a trip to the Lego store. Mommy stayed home and wrote her paper.

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Cath said...

Great photos, Sarah! And happy birthday soon!