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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life Week Nine

Hi Friends! Welcome to Week Nine of Project Life. How fun is that? I can't seem to catch up with my other crafty stuff, but at least I am getting this done. :) Friday was the big day for me, yup I went ahead and turned 40. I guess it was inevitable. So far not so bad.
Who would have thought that toothbrushes would excite the boys so much! They must have brushed their teeth 4 times this day.
Tuesday, you know that day that we have nothing planned. Julie called and off we went to Bounce Zone. I love Julie, I mean I love bouncing. :)
Happy Birthday Dr. Seus. On the way home from school Elias asked me why we celebrated Dr. Seus's birthday when he wasn't alive anymore. HMMM...good question, kid. I'll get back to ya on that.
Birthday dinner at Eden. The most amazing food and dessert to die for. We had a wonderful leisurely meal with wine, appetizers, dinner, dessert and even coffee. You can't get any better than that.
Top Dog celebration at Reid's school. The kids were challenged to see how many books they could read in a month. Reid's goal was 100 books but he actually read 150!
Chocolate Festival in Rehoboth! They knew I was coming and that it was my birthday! A perfect day all around.
Love this photo! The boys had to help blow out the candles. They are too cute! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to stop by Jessica's blog to see some other amazing PL albums.

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Anne Marie said...

Great photos to share for week 9, Sarah! They look pretty excited with those toothbrushes, too! :)